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Act three begins with so much conflict that the reader almost forgets about the romantic love between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo's response to Mercutio's death is unpredictable and almost uncharacteristic. Did you expect Romeo to respond in this way? How do you think this will impact the relationship between Romeo and Juliet? Will the Montagues and Capulets every find common ground?


Paco Tito
02/22/2011 12:02

Romeo is a crazy guy. He is stupid for trying to kill Tybalt. Romeo is going to ruin his life with Juliet.

Faleen Lobato
02/22/2011 12:27

I really didn't expect Romeo to get all mad and kill Tybalt. He really wasn't thinking! I think the relationship between Romeo and Juliet will be hard. I mean he killed her cousin! Now that Romeo has to hide, Juliet will probably have to go with him, and that means leaving her family, or they'll have to divorce. The Montaugues and Capulets will probably never get along, but you never really know.

tony guy
02/22/2011 12:42

I thought romeo was a lover boy I did not think that he would be able to kill anyone .I think that Juliet is going to freak out because he killed her cousin. that fool if i were juliet i would divorce romeo, but chicks are crazy and i think that juliet is going to stay with him.

Devin Maestas
02/22/2011 12:54

Ya I do agree with Faleen. I mean Romeo looked like a kid that was good. I mean I didnt think he would kill any one. Like for reals if i was Jultie I would want to get a divorce from him. I would be mad at my husband if he killed my cousin.

Mrs. Lopez
02/23/2011 07:02

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A few events to think about...

*Did you expect Juliet to support Romeo's decision?
*Will this climatic event change the Capulet/Montague relationship? How?

02/23/2011 15:03

romeo just screwed himself out of the trust of the capulets. if he ever was going to get the trust. next their relationship is gunna be all wac. finnal there is not that much conflict, i have seen more conflict on a box of cereal. >:(

02/27/2011 17:53

well i think that romeo wuzz a lil to yong to fall in love i have heard 'luv @ first sight but he took it to far

Zbadiyah Medina
02/28/2011 18:42

I didnt think that Romeo was the type of guy to kill someone, but i guess you really never know anyone unless you really pay attention. I would had never guessed that Romeo would kill Tybalt. Now i think that Romeos and Juliets relationship is going to be not so good because, he killed Juliets cousin.

03/02/2011 13:31

i think that romeo was a stupid guy to kill someone for there best friend instead of taking him to the doctor and try to get him safe . but no romeo had to go and leave him there dieng and go kill tybalt .what a dork .


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