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Friar Lawrence and Juliet have devised a plan with the hopes that it will result in Romeo and Juliet being reunited. Will this plan work? What are some problems that can get in the way? Are there any hints as to how this story will come to an end?


03/01/2011 12:30

03/01/2011 12:47

i think this plan won't work because then romeo will think juliet died for the reals and he'll be sad and maby commit suiside. i'm telling you that the friar is out to get juliet. or maby the mom or dad will find out and they'll get in deep dudu.?:l

03/03/2011 13:21

there is one problem that is getting in the way of friar lawrence.
one problem is capulet is going to move up the wedding .

03/04/2011 16:25

well what ahppens if roemo dosnt g3t th3 l3tt3r & also if julit really dies

Devin Maestas
03/05/2011 13:55

What happend if Romeo doesnt get the letter what will he think that she is really died. What if the potion really kills her?????


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