Higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide

Choose 3 poems from your book. Analyze their meanings, and compare/contrast the poems. Once you do your blog, respond to someone else's. Good luck!
3/9/2011 11:59:49 am

Mrs.Lopez, i chose the two poems by Robert Frost.

3/9/2011 09:43:16 pm

The two poems that I picked to compare and contrast is " If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking" by Emily Dickinson and the other poem is "Barter" by Sara Teasdale. Those two poems are talking about love. In every other line they ryme. One is talking about nature and the world love and the other one is talking about real love.

Star Student 1
3/10/2011 12:11:33 am

For this assignment I chose two poems: "The Rose that Grew From Concrete" by Tupac Shakur and "Autobiography if Five Short Chapters" by Portia Nelson.

"The Rose that Grew From Concrete" uses a metaphor. Shakur is comparing his life to that of a rose. He writes that he is not just any rose, but a rose that grew from concrete: "Proving nature wrong it learned 2 walk/ without having feet." He is telling his reader that the hard conditions of his life have made him stronger, and this rose is more special than just any ordinary rose. It is obvious that he is proud of his life because he writes, "Long live the rose that grew from concrete/ when no one else even cared!

"Autobiography in Five Short Chapters" is also about the writer's life and expriences. Although the speaker of the poem does not write about her life being hard, but instead that bad choices that she has made. Throughout the poem she writes about a hole that she continues to fall in. This hole represents her mistakes. The poem moves slowly along, and each time she writes about how she learns a little bit more. For the last stanza (Chpater V) the author writes, "I walk down another street." This line tells us that she has learned her lesson, and that her life, or autobiography, is filled with learning lessons from her mistakes.

Both poems show the reader how to survive and live happily. Although Shakur's obstacles were not due to his mistakes, and Nelsons were, both poems are powerful enough to teach the reader that life is about making choices.

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Taco Burrito
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Kayla <3
3/10/2011 01:55:42 am

The two poems I chose were:" The Way It Is"by Gloria Oden and "Choices" by Nikki Giovanni.

"The Way It Is' on page 561.This poem is about how Oden wants to look different. She doesn't like the way she looks. She doesn't have any curves, she looks like a boy. She wants to look like her mom, who is very beautiful.

"Choices" on page 195.This poem is about how Giovanni feels very different from everyone. She can't to the same thing as other people can. She is a Africa-American and they couldn't as much as white poeple could. They didn't get the same rights so she couldn't do much.

Both poems tel us the readers that not everyone is the same. No one is beautiful or perfect. You should like who you are.

Kayla <3
3/10/2011 02:00:30 am

To: Star Student 1

Those poems sound very interesting. I didn't know that Tupac wrote poems. Hey haven't we read "The Rose that Grew From Concrete" in class before. His life sounds very hard. Wow, I really want to read that poem.

3/10/2011 02:02:44 am

To: Mercedes

What two poems did you choose? Robert Frost had wrote a lot of poems. You have more spefic on what your talking about. Wow how LAME

isaac segura
3/10/2011 02:05:09 am

The poems i choosed was"it hapened in mountgovery" and " choices". I'll will compare and contrast both of them, and also tell what the poems are about. On the poem "It Happened in Mountgomery" is about a woman making history. It was a eomer making a stand for her selfe and also other people just like her. She is doing what ever the lord tells her. The poem "choices"is about a boy in the past that has no choices. He is only following the signs that say coloreds only. He agrees with anything he wants to. These two poems has something in common.They both are in a bad stuation. they are also alike because there both at durring the time othr civil right between the blackc and the coloreds.

3/10/2011 02:05:20 am

For this assigment I picked two poems "It happened in Montgomery" by Phil W.petire and "Stepping Forward" by Eleanor Roosevelt.
"It happend in Montgomery" was about how Rosa Parks didnt give up her seat and she had courage to stay there and didnt care what people though til the cops came and took her away. "Stepping Forward" was about how much courage you have in yourself and how you have to stop and think agan if you can or can not do it again.You must think and do things you cannot do like Roosevelt said "You must do the things you think you cannot do" and Petire said "Cried and sobbed that she was glad she'd done it.That her soul was satisfied". So in these poems they are alike because they did something they knew they werent suppose to do but they didnt care and did it anyway because they did what Roosevelt said "Really stop to look fear in the face."

3/10/2011 02:07:34 am

I choose poems: "Stepping Foward" by Eleanor Roosevelt and "The Way It Is" by Gloria Oden.

Roosevelt explains that you must have confidence in yourself and you have to feel good about yourself. She says you must do the things you think you cannot do. I like that sentence. She says that every time you look fear in the eye, you gain strength an become stonger.

Oden says that shes fine just the way she is. She compares herself to her mother because she is proud to be who she is. She is proud to be he mothers child. She says being a african american is ok and she knows she is beautiful. She says she is pleased with herself.

Both poets are proud to be who they are.

3/10/2011 02:40:45 am

For this assignment i chose two poems.The Womens 400 Meters By.Lillan Morrison.This poem is about a girl that is at the starting line getting ready to run a 400 meter.I now this because of the tittle and it quotes''They flex knees,Drum heels and shiver at the starting line.It tells me that she is getting set up on the block, and is very nervous.The gun went ''Bang''.She runs in her lane''each chased by her own bright tiger. This poem is telling you that even if your nervous and scared you can still do it . The second one i picked is called 74th Street By. Myra Cohn LIvingistion.This poem is about a girl that get some rolller skates.and it tells what she does she cants keep her balance and i now this because it qoutes ''She stands up and almost flops backwards.'' She goes to stick her foot out and falls down and smacks her hand.But she keeps trying and gets uo because it says ''She gets hold of a step to get up and sticks her other foot ans slides about six inches and falls and skins her knee.It tells you that she wants to learn and wants to keep trying and trying because she just brushes off the blood and gets up and sticks out the other foot and she does it again and again.This poem is trying to tell you to never give up ,because if you really want it you will keep trying till you get it.They compare because they are doing it for them self and to get better beause they want it.They are also both girls.They are diffrent because they are reaching for to diffrent things,roller skating and track.In the The Womens 400 Meters she is kinda scared and she to give up and in 74th street she keeps trying and trying till she gets it right.

3/10/2011 07:58:45 am

The two poems that I am going to compare is "If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking" by Emily Dickinson and "Barter" by Sara Teasdale.

In the poem " If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking" is about love. In the first stanza it says "If I can stop on heart from breaking/ I shall not live in vain." That line means that if she helps someone then she will be sad.

It the poem "Barter" is about love also. It is a different kind of love though. In the third stanza it says " Spend all you have for loveliness." That line means that do all you can to love or to help. Those two poems mean that they both want to help people and love people.

3/14/2011 02:22:24 am

Lean writes by hart not by pen or paper she jost lets her hart bleed oll over the page

3/14/2011 02:22:55 am

To: Kayla

Kayla, on your poem you need to be more expressive about it. You need to tell the details about when she says "brown as i am, she is browner." In this type of poem you have to explain the character more.

3/14/2011 02:24:52 am

I picked the poems on pg 195 and 561 the are related because they domt know there options. They feel limitted and shy the don't feel normal.


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