Higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide

After reading "I Was Born Today," choose another poem to contrast this poem, and help the reader better understand its meaning. Be clear, specific, and use evidence. How are these two poems related? What are the poems about, and how do you know?
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After I read “I Was Born Today” I figured that the poem was about Amado Nervo was very specific about her beliefs in very few word. She believes in god because she says in line 8, 9, 17-19, 27, 28 and 37, it says all about her beliefs. I picked a poem that is similar to ‘I Was Born Today”, it is called Direction by Alonzo Lopez in my perspective it is saying you have the power to do anything that you set your mind to. On all the line it is saying that someone is telling me to go this direction but I have the power to go this way. I have the power to believe in anything I want to. It is also saying that he has the courage to do it. In my perspective that is how they are alike , they both have courage , and they can believe and do anything they want too.

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I chose 2 poums by AMADO NEVRWO. the other puom I chos is your world thay have some religis facts obawt god and his disipals at the last super plos it also talks obawt nacher and what the wrld lookes like in god's eys and what we shoud see in the world to day

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The poem " I Was Born Today" can help people understand the poem " To Satch" in many ways.

The poem " I was born today" helps explain " To satch" by explaining some religious things.like the poem " to satch" it says"and look over god and say how about that". The poem" I was born today " helps it because this poem explains some religious things and this poem can define what it is meaning.

Another way how " i was born today" can help it by the readers emotions are.The poem"iwas born today" can help find the readers emotions.The first line on the poem " to satch" say that somtimes i fell like i will never stop just go on forever, but this poem will help the reader by explaining what he fills and how it can help it.

The aurthers name for "to satch" is by samuel allen.The aurther for the other poem is by amado nervo.

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I have picked the poem "No The Human Heart"pg.23 By Ki No Tsurayuki. I chose this poem because its talking about the authors birthplace, and the poem "I Was Born Today"pg.128,by Amado Nervo, its talking about that she was born again today. They both have one thing in common because "No Human Heart" is saying "No Human Heart is unknowable.But in my birthplace The flowers still smell the same as always"pg.23. And in "I Was born Today", it says "Every day that dawns, you must say "'I Was Born Today!'The world is new to me .This light that i behold strikes my unclouded eyes for the first time; The rain That scatters its crystal drops Is my baptism!'' These poem both have to do something about life, and how they came into this world and how did it seem to be born.

Kayla <3
3/23/2011 01:44:13

I Chose The Poem,"There Is No Word for Goodbye," (115) by Mary TallMountain. This Poem Is About How You Should Never Say Goodbye To Someone. In Stanza 6 It Says,"We always think you're coming back, but if you dont, we'll see you some place else." If Someone Dies You Will Them In Heaven. So Never Say Good To Anyone, Because You Will See Them The Next Day. If Not The Next Day Maybe A Few Months Or Years.

The Poem, "I Was Born Today," (328) by Amado Nervo. This Poem Is About How Jesus Walked The A Trail And Sacriest His Life For Us. He Sacriest His Life So Everyone's Sins Was Washed Away. In Stanza 4 It Says," As I walked along the road..." That Means He Felt The Same Way As Jesus. He Walked Up A Trail.

The Two Poems Are Alike, Because They Both Have To Do With Jesus. They Both Say That You Should Believe In Jesus.

They Are Different Because The Poem," There Is No Word for Goodbye," (115) by Mary TallMountain. Is Saying To Never Say Goodbye To Anyone For Any Reason. The Other Poem,"I Was Born Today," (328) by Amado Nervo. Is About How The Author Is Explains Jesus. About How Jesus Sacriest His Own Life For Everyone.

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The poem's ive chosen are "I was Born Today"(398) And "The way it is"(560) well I was born today is about the way life is and you have to be strong through it all. She's still young and getting used to life with more expiriences everyday a walk of life is a journey to remember. Don't look at the past just look forward. and just to let it be forgotten! it says how she loved, what she thought, what she suffered but what she remembered. To Live life as if nothing bad has happened at all

I was born today is also about life it kind of has the same mean but the just in different ways of putting it she went through hard times but she kept her head up. She knows life is important and shes learning new things every single day! Makes New friends,Runs into strangers. Shes not very happy with how she turns out but towards the end she realizes that thats life and she has to make the best of it no matter what
So both of these poems are about how life is good and to always keep it that way

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The poem"I Was Born Today" will help people understand the poem " The Women's 400 meters " on page 442 by Lillian Morrison in so many ways to help you find out what "I Was Born Today."

The poem" I Was Born tday" will help you explain " The Women's 400 Meters " explains it is not literallly it is a metaphor.Like the poem " The Women's 400 meters ", says , " Thanking for god for to win ." The poem " I Was Born Today" explains the religous thing and says the it is not litterally it will be a metaphor.

Another way how " I Was Born Today " can help it by the readers emotions are. The poem " The Women's 400 Meters " has the same emotions like " I Was Born Today " because " The Women's 400 Meters " says that "Skittish, they flew knees, drum heels and shiver at the starting line. " The poem " I Was Born Today " say that " He/she was bon today and her crystal eyes dripping and her heartbeat and feeling of well being and cheer."

The author to " I Was Born Today " is by Amando Nervo on page 328 and the author to " The Women's 400 Meters " is by Lillian Morrison on page 442.

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The two poems i picked for this assigment was "I Was Born Today" by Amado Nervo and "in five short chapters" by Portia Nelson.
The poem "in five short chapters" helped me understand "I Was Born Today" because what Nelson said in stanza four "i walk down the same street.There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.I walk around it." This stanza is telling me how she moved on from her past and she isnt goinq back. This is related somewhat to what Nervo has to say in his poem. He is saying that "Every day that dawns, you must say to yourself "'I was born today'". He is telling us to move on from your past because its not worth it and you have a brand new day to live for and live life to the fullest with no regrets or bad memories from the past. "Then let us live a pure life,Shining life.Already yesterday is lost" and this is similar to a stanza in "in five short chapters" saying "i walk down abother street". Its similar because they both are moving on and are not looking back in the past.

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To: Isaac,
Isaac I have read the poem "To Satch" and i can see how these two poems have somthing in common. This is a good poem.

Thalia :)
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The poems I picked were "There is no word for goodbye" by Mary TallMountain on page 116 and "I was born today" by Amado Nervo on page 328.

In "I was born today" Amado tells how you have to move on and stop being stuck in the past. You have to let go of yesterday and cherish today. Amado says "Yesterday is lost." "Was it bad?" "Was it beautiful?" ... "Let it be forgotten." You have to forget yesterday.

In "There is no word for goodbye" Mary tells that you cant actually tell someone goodbye. It hurts. She thinks the person is coming back but he/she never does. We always think your coming back, but if you dont we will see you somewhere else." So you have to move on and forget. Even though moving on is hard, you have to try and stop being stuck in the past or you cant move on to the future.

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The two poems that I will be comparing are " I was born today" by Amado Nervo on page 328 and " No, The human heart" by Ki No Taurayuki on page 23.
In the line " Is my baptism" in the poem " I was born today" is saying that he got baptized. He is also comparing his life to the world. U know this because it says " The rain that scatters it's crystal drops" is rain and rain is nature.
In the poem" No, the human heart" abbé is also comparing her life to the world because she says " But in my birth place" that line clearly shows that is her life because she was born. Where it says that she is comparing her life to the world she says " The flowers still smell/ The same as always" is saying that flowers come from the world which is like nature.
That is how I think those two poems are alike. They both are comparing there life to the world.

very inspiring to me
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very inspiring to me

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i really appreciate these poem, as a second year high school i really love really love reading. as of now, our teacher in English ask us to choose a poem to be analyze and i have chosen this poem because i can relate everything here...tank u.

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