Higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide

Those are the words spoken by Edwin as Cole is recovering. What does Edwin mean by saying this? Do you think that Cole will live? What will get in the way of him surviving this attack?
At the end of chapter 9, Cole shows concern for the baby birds. In class, we discussed how this is unusual behavior for Cole. Just a few pages earlier, he was angry at the birds because the mother bird was caring for them. Why is Cole suddenly showing sympathy? Is this a glimpse at the new Cole? Or has Cole lost his chance?
In the novel, Garvey has Cole taste a series of ingredients: salt, eggs, butter, flour, water, baking soda, and molasses. Cole eats all of the ingredients, trying to prove to Garvey that he is tough. Next, Garvey has Cole try a slice of cake. Garvey explains to Cole that all of the ingredients that he just tasted was used to make the cake. After Cole eats the cake, Garvey asks him, "What ingredients should I have left out?"(29).  Cole doesn't understand why Garvey is having him try the slice of cake after eating all of the odd ingredients, or what point he is trying to make. Reread this section in the book. What point do you think Garvey is trying to make? How do you know?