Higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide

At the end of chapter 9, Cole shows concern for the baby birds. In class, we discussed how this is unusual behavior for Cole. Just a few pages earlier, he was angry at the birds because the mother bird was caring for them. Why is Cole suddenly showing sympathy? Is this a glimpse at the new Cole? Or has Cole lost his chance?
4/11/2011 05:40:28 am

i think he felt bad for the brids cause there was no one to help them or care for them just like him and plus the mother was gone

4/11/2011 05:42:24 am

cole as a nice guy would have not dragged him int this mess. the bad cole dragged him into this mess if he wasnt such a bad guy and he wouldnt be in the hospital

dallas ( lil Synic )
4/11/2011 05:44:12 am

i think its kinda mest up that garvey said have confidence in him.

4/12/2011 11:17:03 am

I think this is a glimpse at the new Cole. He shows sympathy because he realized those birds were helpless like him, so he knew how it felt. Cole deffanitly still has a chance.

devin <33
4/12/2011 02:18:31 pm

I think that cole is changing to be a whole new person. He relized that thopse little birdy's were definatly helpless just the way he wasl. He kinda knows how it feels for parents not to care for there children because his mon and dad dont care. But honestly i think cole has a good chance of living


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