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In class, many of you have commented that Friar Lawrence keeps getting in the middle of everything and hurting already negative situations. Why is Friar Lawrence so involved in Romeo and Juliet's love life? Is he helping or hurting the situation?
3/2/2011 05:34:25

waz up miss lopz i no how 2 right write

3/4/2011 08:22:51

i think that he should mind his own cuase he is almost everything to blame for

3/5/2011 05:57:48

I think he need to stop helping already. Because when they both die the blames is all going to be on him. Im mean ya there were other people part of it but it was mainly him. So i say MIND YOUR OWN!!!!!!

3/7/2011 05:24:38

i think lawrence is a foe because he gave juliet the potion and he , himself didnt go tell romeo the plan so now romeo killed himself .when juliet woke up she seen romeo dead she argued with friar lawrence to stay with romeo and he never did he took of running. so friar lawrence left juliet alone and juliet took the chance of killing herself just to be with romeo.

3/8/2011 02:41:46

friar laurence is a punk. that guy was always getintg in the middle of romeo & juliet . i dont know why he gets in the middle but he is a wierd old man . he was just messing everthing up without him i think romeo & juliet would not die.

beatrice medina
3/8/2011 06:52:49

I think friar lawrence is a foe. He needs to mind his own and deal with his own problems and stop getting involved in everyones own problems. Deal with your own and not with other peoples problems.


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