Higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide

Those are the words spoken by Edwin as Cole is recovering. What does Edwin mean by saying this? Do you think that Cole will live? What will get in the way of him surviving this attack?
4/11/2011 05:38:15 am

how rude that edwin thinks like that he should at least have some confidence in him. whatch when cole dies and him and garvey are the only ones at his funeral.

3/11/2012 07:41:05 am

yeah yo i so agree with u.

4/11/2011 05:42:11 am

i agree cristion

4/12/2011 02:15:30 pm

what will get in his way is really what is the point of living if there is nothing to live for. And its pretty mest up that edwin would say that i mean he should at least be nice ebough to care if he lives or not

4/14/2011 02:25:12 am

i think edwin ment that cole dont really care and if he finds a resson to live then he will and i do think edwin will live.

4/14/2011 07:23:38 am

I think that if Cole what's to got to prison and wast his life let him do it but. I think that the spirt bear is going to change that

4/14/2011 07:27:26 am

Yes I do think he woill find a reason to live I thnk is cause of his parent I honlsty think he is trying his hardest to chang I think Gary told him that cuase he really doesn't have a reason to live but once he finds it he will live

4/18/2011 04:42:38 am

i hate yr class cuz its fn hard for me

3/11/2012 07:40:14 am

i think edwin means by that is cole is full or rage so if cole doesnt shape up and finds a reason to not be careless, and full of hatred then cole has a reason to live. anyways i think that book sucks.


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