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From the moment Juliet and Romeo met, they were consumed with one another. The title of this blog is a comment made by Juliet after her first meeting with Romeo. Now, the plot has taken an unexpected turn: Romeo is banished, Juliet is arranged to marry Paris, and Friar Lawrence is caught in the middle. As we began to read Act IV, I ask you to questions the decisions made by Friar Lawrence and Juliet? Is Juliet right to fake her death? Is Juliet making a mature decision, or is she simply acting on emotion? Could a plan such as this be justified in our current society?
tony guy
2/28/2011 06:28:51 am

No, she is not right to fake her death.She made that decision because of her love for Romeo.That decision is not mature at all. A mature person would have just told their parents and got it over with.That problem would easily be justified today because you cannot get married twice so she would end up teling her parents anyway.

2/28/2011 10:02:02 am

I think Juliet is doing the wrong thing by faking her death. The only reason she's doing this is because she's being dramatic about her love for Romeo.I mean they've only known each other for like a week! She's not even thinking about her family! It's all emotion. No a plan like this couldn't be justified in our current society. Potions like this don't even exist!

Zebadiytah Medina
2/28/2011 10:54:05 am

Juliet is making the wrong decission because, she is to much in love with Romeo and not even thinking about her family. Like wouldnt they figure out sooner or later that she married Romeo. i think she should have just told her mom she got married in the first place instead of faking her death and having to leave forever.

Zebadiyah Medina
3/1/2011 04:39:11 am

i totaly agree with you on what you think. i alos think it is wrong to fake your death. Also i agree that there is no potion that will fake your death, she is to dramatic about her love for Romeo.

3/1/2011 04:40:19 am

I agree completley with you!.She really shouldn't pretend to die. She's going to hurt a lot of people!

Devin Maestas
3/1/2011 04:42:13 am

I think Juliet is making the wrong decission because, Romeo knows how much Juliet loves him and she love him alot. And i pretty sure she dont wanna lose the love of her life SHE IS DUMB

3/1/2011 04:42:41 am

i think there plan wont work at all. her dad will move the wedding sooner and will not suceed with the plan. if the marriage stayed the same there plan would work real good.and juliet is a stupid girl for taking the risk of killing herself well facking the kill .she might die in her sleep.

3/1/2011 04:46:50 am

i think that juilet is making the wrong decission because, she has the rest of her life and she can just run away and not drink the possion. she is smarter then that. And what if the possion dont work and she dont wake up then she did it for nothing.

Devin Maestas
3/5/2011 05:53:31 am

Faleen i agree with you. I mean it is wrong to fake your death. Like what if someth9ing goes wrong Juliets is making the wrong choice


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