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In the novel, Garvey has Cole taste a series of ingredients: salt, eggs, butter, flour, water, baking soda, and molasses. Cole eats all of the ingredients, trying to prove to Garvey that he is tough. Next, Garvey has Cole try a slice of cake. Garvey explains to Cole that all of the ingredients that he just tasted was used to make the cake. After Cole eats the cake, Garvey asks him, "What ingredients should I have left out?"(29).  Cole doesn't understand why Garvey is having him try the slice of cake after eating all of the odd ingredients, or what point he is trying to make. Reread this section in the book. What point do you think Garvey is trying to make? How do you know?
tony guy
4/5/2011 03:39:10 am

the point that garvy is trying to get at is that is that when you work together it works out better and when your by your self it is bad.just like the ingredients to the cake. i know this because garvy asks whitch ingredients should i have left out and cole replied none. then garvy left and let cole think about why he did that

4/5/2011 05:05:25 am

i hink the piont that he i trying to make is if you have a partner you will do better than being by your self, so thats why you have to put all the ingredents because it wont work out good alone.i think that because he ask him a question.

4/5/2011 05:05:37 am

I think Garvey is trying to get through to Cole. He's trying to tell him that it's better when your not all by yourself, reffering to how bad the ingredients taste when they're all alone. He shows him how great it can be when you have help! Just like how amazing the cake came out.
I think this because all the ingredients connect to the people that can help him, and Garvey really wants Cole to get help and try to work with other people for his better.

4/5/2011 05:10:28 am

I think garvey is try to tell cole that it is going to be alright if you have help. that it will be fine if he just lets him help and it wont be as bad as going through everything on his own.

4/5/2011 05:24:04 am

i think that garvey is trying to make a point on saying even the werst tasteing engreadeunch could make the best tasting thins so ya he is saying to not to wery

4/5/2011 05:32:36 am

i think garvey is telling cole for his one good for him to join the circle of justice . he thinks that garvey just wants to get ride of him and and cole just wants to go on and not make garvey think he is a foll telling cole that he should join the circle of justice .THE END!!!!!!

4/6/2011 04:58:49 am

i think cole is selfseterd and thinks that garvy what to get ride of him
good point cristian

4/6/2011 05:00:52 am

I thin garvey is trying he telling him if you have a partner you wil do better. and that he will be fine nad he will get better if you get help

4/6/2011 05:09:18 am



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